I am 42, mother of two children, ages 16 and 14.  Recently divorced and unemployed. These are all stunning labels, are they not?

After having been recently fired for the first time in my life (I prefer to say “let go” in job interviews because it sounds so much nicer), I set out for my sister’s house in East Tennessee.  I needed to breathe and to discern what my next move should be.  It was on this trip that I began to sort through all of the various jobs I’ve had.  Why had I taken that job?  What was going on in my life when I took it?  What condition were my relationships in during that time?  I was looking for a common thread.

For me, all of these “threads” are experiences that have been woven together to create a very weird tapestry.  These are my experiences, my tapestry.  You can take a lot away from a person, but you can’t take away they experienced something.

Sometimes you start a project, completely bungle it, have to undo all your work and start again.  Ground zero.  This is when I began to blog…